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Why Choose Cheap ATV Shop?

1. Service - We have the best service in this field in the country. We have been around for years and will be here long into the future. We will be here when you need any type of question answered or need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer, other dealers pop up & disappear as fast as they showed up. They do not help the customer after the sale with service or warranty claims. This leaves you hanging with no parts & no warranty. We have knowledgeable staff on hand for any questions from sales & assembly to service. All of our sales staff ride atvs. They have also assembled & troubleshot any atv we sell, no one answers the phone that does not know our products. We have a full time mechanic & a full time parts person. This can help any sales person here with any questions you may have.

2. Company Profile - We are one of the largest online ATV dealers in the nation. We have been selling and servicing imported chinese atv's for years, and have been in the industry servicing atv's even longer! We have parts in stock for just what the name says, Cheap ATV Shop. We will not disappear on you & we will not dodge phone calls or emails like many others. To make this simple, if you cannot get hold of a online atv dealer to purchase a atv on the phone or discuss your questions & concerns on models available, what are your chances you will get a hold of them to get parts, warranty claims/parts or simply need help with your atv?

3. Shipping - We have some of the fastest shipping available. We do not charge any extra for "Rush" delivery. This is a scam, it is only a way to get more money out of the customer. We tell everyone that it takes 7-8 business days to receive your order once it is placed. Many times it is MUCH faster, it all depends on where you are located. We ship out within 2 days of receiving your order & many times the SAME DAY. We do not charge extra for this & you can rest assured you will have your ATV in a timely manner. If you do have any kind of shipping damage, we take care of the claim for you. Other companies leave it up to the customer to file & try to get money to get new parts from the truck company. This is NO easy task. We have even had a hard time doing this. If you purchase from us, we take care of the damage claim for you & send the parts you need to fix your ship damaged machine direct to you & deal with the truck company later. This speeds up the process dramatically & can turn a 6-8 week nightmare fight with a truck company to a couple weeks or less. If the machine you receive is badly damaged, simply refuse shipment & once returned to us, we will ship out a new machine to you at no charge! Many companies will charge you for return shipping on a damaged unit and or charge you a restocking fee, they may also want you to file a claim with the truck company!

4. Shop / Warehouse - We have a 12,000 sq ft warehouse / Shop / Showroom located in Houlton WI. We ship & stock all the atvs we sell, as well as parts for them. Ask other dealers to see their warehouse or shop & you will see they are simply working out of their house or out of a small office & may never seen some of the atvs they sell. They have no way to work on them, no place to store them & can disappear as easy as turning off their phone & website on you. How are these companies going to be able to help you if you have a question on assembly or service of the machine if they have no way to look & try to diagnose the problem for you?

5. Models available - The models we sell, have been tested by us & to our abuse level. We have sizes available from 50cc up to 250cc & every size in between for your growing family. We have gone through many different brands & models for each brand. Nothing gets put on our website until we are comfortable with the quality & know we can get the parts for them. We have many atvs in our shop that are closeout models & machines we sell with no warranty. These are machines that didn't make the grade with us & we sell them cheap out of the shop to get rid of them. We make sure the customer knows why they are getting such a good deal from us on this machine.... it is simply a machine that we will not sell online, we may need to service it regularly & we want the customer to be able to bring it to us for that work. We have been doing this long enough, we know there is alot of junk out there. Bottom line - If it seems too good to be true, it
most likely is. If it’s too cheap, it is most likely cheaply made & you will have many problems with it.

Hitting the trails on some new cheap atvs
We hope to help you get here for less! Cheap ATV Shop: Why Pay More?

6. Warranty - Our warranty covers your engine & transmission parts for 6 months on all the atvs we sell. We do not charge extra money for a longer warranty or put less than a 6 month parts warranty on anything. The places that charge you for a longer warranty period are usually the places that charge you for "Rush" delivery also, these are ways to get you to pay more for their machine & it is only a way to improve their "shipped" price to you. Once you add all these extra fees together, you will see with the service, shipping, knowledge & warranty we already have, Kid atvs is the only place to buy your new atv online & get the best service & best price available.

7. Honesty - How many other dealers do you think would tell you to buy a machine from their competition? Well we do. If we know of a better machine that will fit your child better than a model we have, we will tell you where you should look for it. We have many other dealers we can recommend to you. We don't leave you out in the cold, if you don't wish to buy from us. We will even tell you other companies that have the same business ethics as us & who we would trust if we were going to buy a atv online. If you are unsure if you are buying from a good business ethics company, feel free to call us & we can tell you how to find things out about them & what kind of business they run. We welcome you to do the same with our business. Google is a great search engine to find out bad things on other companies. Be sure you know about the company before buying from them. We recommend you research any company you are going to do business with online including us.

8. Above all, feel free to contact us with any & all sales, service and parts questions & see the cheap atv shop difference!!


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“You guys are GREAT! I purchased one of your atv's for my son's 8th birthday and wow was it a good one for him. The atv arrived in perfect condition, started right up and now he is off riding with me. If I ever need any parts or anything I know I can count on you all. Thanks so much for providing an affordable product with even better customer service.”

- Mike in Indiana

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